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Next Play Investments acquires undervalued commercial properties and transforms them into cash flowing assets.

We sponsor syndications so passive partners can invest alongside us.

Our primary focus is multifamily and self-storage facilities in the Midwest and New York metro area.



What is a passive investment?

A passive real estate investment refers to real estate investment where the investor is not involved in the day-to-day operations of the property.


How is a passive investment structured?

The investor typically contributes funding towards the purchase, renovation, and/or development of a large property – like an apartment complex or self-storage facility – that's managed by a real estate professional. 


In return, investors receive equity and a share of the profits.


Benefits of Passively Investing in Real Estate

❖ Ownership 

❖ Cash flow

❖ Tax benefits 

❖ Less Headaches and Less Risk/Liability

❖ Hedge Against Inflation 

❖ Forced Appreciation

❖ Scaling Up as a Team

Investing Through Retirement Accounts

Learn how to leverage your retirement accounts to supercharge your wealth. 

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